About Us – How we work

Making your shopping simple, cheaper and convenient is our dream. We are working towards you buying directly from the factory or industry or directly from the supplier at a much cheaper rate. That means you save more. Spot anything expensive, let us know. We can still get it at a cheaper price than what is displayed here… Start shopping… As you continue shopping, see your overal prices at the top right sliding just like your shopping cart. Each segment has its own shopping cart so shop finish and tell us where you want it Delivered. We will Deliver it in Time at home of Office.

How Exactly does it work?

Hi there! Its same as how you shop in the supermarket. All products you would find in the supermarket all already listed here with their prices. You just shop, then checkout pay now or later and we shop and deliver to your doorstep.

Who Does the Delivery?

You can choose to pick the products at a designated pickup point but no. That’s another work. We want you sit at home of office and we deliver. We deliver using messengers, riders, pickups. lorries right at your workplace or home.

How Do I benefit / Why should I shop here and not my usual supermarket?

When you value time and dont want to waste time on the queue and on the long traffic jams. This means you stay at home of office and spend more time with family or cover more work at home.

When you want to save time but enjoy convenience – at at the click of a button

When you want to shop cheaper you always find the products directly from the same suppliers who give them to us at much cheaper rates

When weather is an issue and delivery is an issue. We get the work done for you easily and cheaper.

What are you waiting for? Start shopping today.

Remember that the largest collection of products are still available from different suppliers on our all time platform www.mybigorder.com